World Oceans Day

Nicolas Hulot, Minister of State, Minister for Ecological and Solidarity Transition, and Jean-Yves Le Drian, Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs, have taken note of the call for a "Ocean, common good of humanity "launched in Monaco on the occasion of the World Oceans Day on June 12th. The government expresses great interest in this civil society initiative that emphasizes the responsibility of all to protect the oceans and their biodiversity.

The extension, diversification and intensification of human uses of the oceans are today a proven threat to marine biodiversity, especially in areas beyond national jurisdictions. France is measuring the challenge of protecting species and marine ecosystems in these areas far from the coast, in particular through an international protective status on the high seas. This status and the measures it would take would ensure an essential continuity of measures already taken at national and European level for the protection of our waters under jurisdiction.

The Paris Climate Agreement encourages all states in its preamble to ensure the integrity of the oceans as an ecosystem for the protection of its vast endangered biodiversity. The protection of biodiversity on the high seas is of particular importance because it represents 70% of the surface of our oceans. The importance of having a framework for developing management tools such as marine protected areas and impact studies of high seas activities is fundamental.

France will mobilize at the global level to reach an ambitious agreement for the protection of the oceans in the framework of the international negotiations that will open next September at the United Nations.

publié le 20/06/2018

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