’Talent Show’ Sizanani - 8th September

The Consul General awarded the prizes to the ’Mentees’ of the Sizanani Association for their annual ’Talent Show’ at St Mary’s School in Waverley, Johannesburg, in the presence of many ’mentors’ and sponsors who support them.


103 mentors including 54 French citizens support students as well as French companies and foundations such as RATP, Bombela operating company, Saint-Gobain, Decathlon, Total ... The financial support granted by sponsors contributes to the very low failure rate of students.

Support classes are offered every Saturday to high school students in Alexandra Township, Johannesburg. This year, 220 students are taking these courses. The girls and young people in the program visited companies or obtained jobs in several French companies.


[(The "Sizanani" program ("Let’s help each other" in Zulu) started in 2007 at the initiative of Linda Giuricich from St Mary’s Private School (the oldest girls’ school in Johannesburg) and Laurence Leblanc , from RATP international and director of the Bombela operating company in 2007. It has been coordinated by Valérie Hirsch since 2008. The Sizanani program is a member of the FSACCI Franco-South African Chamber of Commerce.

The objective of "Sizanani" is to maximize the chances of university admission for these young people, by allocating them mentors recruited from South African or foreign professionals (especially French and Belgian) and by helping them to choose their higher education. Once in university, these young people from extremely poor families need scholarships or financial support to study in good conditions.

Website of the association : sizanani.blogspot.com

publié le 10/09/2018

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