Passing of Miriam Makeba/Announcement by Bernard Kouchner, Minister of Foreign and European Affairs

Announcement by Bernard Kouchner,
Minister of Foreign and European Affairs

" I was deeply moved by the news of the death of Miriam Makeba, great artist and great voice in the fight against apartheid, in the struggle against racism and for the reconciliation of South Africans.

Loyal all her life to this struggle which forced her into exile for 31 years, she personified and was the face of passive resistance against oppression, racism and intolerance. Miriam Makeba expressed relentlessly –in her writings in her gestures- her solidarity and her kinship with those who suffered and fought for their freedom.

Miriam Makeba incarnated the spirit of resistance. Yesterday, resistance against apartheid, for which her family paid dearly. Today, resistance against inequalities and injustices on the African continent where she led the “Children of Africa” foundation.

Her commitment to freedom did not falter with the years, on the contrary. Her struggle against injustice knew no boundaries.

We were proud of the heart ties she maintained with France, and it is on a French passport that she returned to her country in 1991.

I was touched deeply by the passing of Miriam Makeba, and I share the sadness of her numerous admirers in South Africa, France and throughout the world. Her multiple talents and her immense generosity makes her passing all the more painful."

Bernard Kouchner

publié le 11/11/2008

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