Visa application procedure for students from Namibia

The Consulate General of France in Johannesburg is in charge of issuing visas to residents in Namibia intending to study in France for a period exceeding three months.

To submit an application, the following steps are to be taken into consideration:

1. Book an appointment at the French Consulate (email: visas.johannesburg-fslt@diplomatie....);

2. Prepare the following documents:

- Passport
It must be valid for at least 6 months after the date of submission of documents at the French Consulate and no older than 10 years. It must have at least 2 valid blank pages (marked VISA). For non-Namibian passport, copy and original of valid Namibian permit (permit must be valid for at least 6 months after the date of submission of documents at the French Consulate).
- Long Stay Application Form
All fields must be properly filled out. Form must be signed by applicant. In case of minors, form must be signed by both parents. If you indicate "no occupation" at point 21, please add to your file an explanatory letter regarding your current situation.

PDF - 65 kb
Long stay visa application form (click to download)
(PDF - 65 kb)

- Color ID Photos
2 color ID photos as required by Schengen Standards.
- Proof of sufficient funds
Bank certificate mentioning the capital and yearly income of the applicant and stating that the funds are transferrable to France.
- Study validation letter issued by the cultural department of the Embassy of France in Namibia
Contact:, and
- Proof of Registration at Institution in France
A signed and stamped letter on letterhead from Institution/University in France confirming applicant’s enrollment for a long training/study course. Letter must also set out dates and locations of training/study courses.
- High School certificates and College diplomas
Copies of all High School certificates and College diplomas must be furnished.

3. Lodge in person the application at the French Consulate in Johannesburg upon day of appointment. Please bear in mind that the processing time for a student visa is on average ten days. It means that the passport is given back on the same day so that the applicant may return to Namibia while the application is being processed;

4. Once the visa has been granted, applicant has two options:

- whether come back to the French Consulate in Johannesburg to hand the passport. Visa will then be issued forthwith,
- or send the passport by post (it is highly recommended in that case to choose DHL or Fedex or any other company deemed reliable) to the French Consulate in Johannesburg, with a prepaid envelope enclosed to send it back. It is important to note that the French Consulate shall not be held liable should the passport be lost by the courier service.

As to keep the incurred costs as low as possible for Namibian residents applying for a student visa, French Authorities are pleased to inform that all visa fees are waived.

publié le 09/06/2016

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