Meeting with the South-Africans tour-operators [fr]

The French Consulate in Johannesburg and Atout France, in partnership with the company Capago, held a meeting with thirty South African tour-operators to promote tourism in France and introduce the visa policy implemented by the French Authorities.

JPEGFrom the left to the right : Mr Quereilhac, Consul of France; Mr Honoré, director of Capago in South Africa ; Mrs Guérot, in charge of communication at Capago ; Mrs Bezuidenhoudt, director of Atout France; Mrs Turon-Lagot, in charge of communication at the French Consulate Mrs Masendeke, in charge of training at Capago.

About thirty South-Africans tour-operators attended the meeting hosted by Capago on the 15th of October.

Mr Raymond Quereilhac, the Consul of France in Johannesburg, underlined the aim of the French Government to facilitate the visa process for applicants in South Africa and a few other "pilot countries" (India, China, Brazil, Turkey, Singapore and a few countries in Middle-East) and to promote France as the first tourism destination in the world.

Capago, the service provider selected by the French Consulate, offers to the applicants a quality service with modern offices and appointments within 48 hours.

New measures implemented by the French government aim at making the visa process easier for South Africans. Since the 1st of January 2015, South Africans passport holders born in South Africa will get their short-stay Schengen visa in only two working days. People living in South Africa can now apply at any Capago center of their choice (Johannesburg, Durban or Cape Town) regardless of their residence address. The number of circulation visas issued from one to five years is on the rise.


The meeting was very successful; the participants displayed their interest by asking many questions about the visa process.

This type of event will be renewed in the future to promote France in South Africa and contribute to reach the goal set by the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Laurent Fabius, of 100 million visitors in France by 2020.

publié le 13/11/2015

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