Let’s celebrate the Bastille Day!

Our National Day was celebrated at the Johannesburg Country Club on Friday, July 12 in the evening. 350 of our compatriots and South African friends were gathered. Soweto Buskaid’s string group also honored us with their presence.


The evening took place in a friendly and festive atmosphere thanks to the many companies that contributed to the success of this event.

Congratulations to the 14 winners of the lottery! The participation of each and everyone of you in this year’s draw has made it possible to donate to two charities, the French Society of Charity of Johannesburg, which helps French people in difficulty, and Valued Citizen focused on self-help. development and citizenship education in public schools.

The lucky winners were able to appreciate the prestigious prizes offered by the partners of the evening! A big thank you to the corporate partners of our National Day in Johannesburg!

You can find the speech of the Consul General below:

PDF - 35.7 kb
(PDF - 35.7 kb)


publié le 02/08/2019

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