"LADY LADY" at Dance Umbrella Festival 2017

This year again, the French Institute in South Africa participates to the Dance Umbrella Festival and proudly supports "Lady Lady" collaboration at Dance Umbrella Festival on 2 –3 March 2017

Picture credit: Dadiodato Gomes


LADY, LADY proposes an experience into a female universe built up by the personal journeys of three female artists from different countries within the Southern Africa region (South Africa, Mozambique & Madagascar).

The three artists share, search, explore and exchange their realities together in order to give voice to various commonalities, challenges & images. The work seeks to question the image, value attributed to and the objectification of women by challenging, sometimes highlighting preconceived ideas of what a women is, or should be. It is a commentary on current issues facing women on the African continent.

Source : French Institute in South Africa

publié le 17/02/2017

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