EXPOSITION "LESOTHO LIFE" Jusqu’au 30 juin de 8h30 à 12h30, au Consulat de France.

Exposition réalisée par le photographe René Pierre GOSSELIN.
When foreign visitors came to Thaba-Bosiu to seek an audience with
King Moshoeshoe, they were given a seat and asked to wait for their
moment with the great man. The King was not being impolite – on the
contrary, he wanted to be completely prepared to receive his honoured
guest. He would have had the delegate observed, spoken to, and somehow
analysed by his trusted advisors or family members. At the right time, he
would say, ‘I see you’. Meaning not that he could now accept or receive the person in his presence, but that he could understand them.
As I sit there, on that spot on the roadside, sipping my coffee and
fiddling with my camera, I am ready for that passing event, that special
moment, or that special angle of light over a village or shimmering river.
I constantly calculate the composition of a possible shot, or check the
essential elements of an image which is still in my head. I notice that the
herd boys are now more evident than a few moments ago, and the youngsters have come out of school and are sitting on a knoll looking down at this lekhooa-who-thinks-he-sees-us. Wherever you are, there are friendly eyes watching you, and I ask : who is observing whom ? Then I understand that I am finally reaping the rewards of being patient, and waiting for the right time. The Basotho are seeing me.

publié le 24/05/2012

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