Basotho students studying French language joined the French Embassy and its Cooperation and Cultural Network in celebration of the Francophone Culture and French Language in Maseru on Saturday.

The event, hosted by the Lesotho Alliance Francaise gave a glimpse of French culture providing a space for the French students to display their knowledge through music they performed dressed in multicultural attires including Sesotho.

Speaking at the event, the French Consul for Lesotho and South Africa, Mr. Christian Michel Robert, who is based in South Africa said the primary goal was to share the French culture in a manner which is open, holistic and multi-faceted.

He noted that offering French language courses is just one of those ways of sharing the culture.

He added that they also use other media such as film, music and literature, “but the most important way of sharing any culture is through the coming together and interaction of people,” he said.

He said that being acquainted with French culture would leave one well equipped to become an African and global citizen in literal term.

He added that in Lesotho, Alliance Francaise plays a vital role by serving as an entry point to the French speaking community.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Alliance Francaise’s presence in Lesotho, he said, describing that as the milestone for both French people and Basotho as the intention is to further build on good relationship that have existed for years.

The Vice President of the Board of Directors for Alliance Francaise’s Lesotho, Miss. Ntsiuoa Sekete, who is also one of the faces on TV Lesotho, said Basotho especially youth, must take advantage of French language courses offered at Alliance Francaise.

She said it opens new opportunities while extending borders for the locals to join a broader global community even in Africa where the French language is the main one.

The Francophone International Day is dedicated to the French language that unites 200 million speakers around the world. It also brings together 870 million persons in 70 states and governments members of the Francophone International Organization.


The Vice President of the Board of Directors for Alliance Francaise in Lesotho, Miss. Ntsiuoa Sekete, offering the traditionnal Lesotho hat to the Consul of France, Mr. Christian Michel Robert.

publié le 11/04/2011

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